Человек с киноаппаратом

The film that I have seen has left an ambiguous impression. It would seem, that this film has no plot, it is not based on the actor’s game, and music raises headache sometimes. However, it is interesting to watch. It is intriguing, because you do not know what will happen the next second.


The creator of this extraordinary masterpiece is Dziga Vetrov. This cinema theorist earned fame by demonstrating the features of cinematic language, is fundamentally different from the possibilities of literature and theater. Vertov was convinced that the processes that are out of human sight, can be caught by camera.
UntitledThe film is composed of a short documentary fragments, showing the chaotic life of the modern city: the traffic and the people, workers in industrial enterprises, cultural activities and medical facilities. Operator uses a variety of techniques: fast shooting, time-lapse, shooting in the reflection, the combination of two or more images on a single frame.


The plot is difficult to grasp. I suspect, that the main idea was to prove that the world is cyclical. For these purposes, the birth of the child symbolizes a beginning. Funeral shown as a symbol of the end. Vetrov shown a gyre of life and death. In this film, there is no censorship, because it does not exist in real life.

Untitled2I believe that this film is a real breakthrough for 1929. I advise to watch it everyone. Maybe it change your notion about cinema.


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