The first project

Our work has come to an end and it is time to summarize. Our mission was to create a movie that combine all ideas in one. It was not easy because we knew each other no more than two days. However, common goal united us and now we working side by side to reach it.


My idea was split screen to show two possibles ways. I want to show that any small thing can global change life. For example, the coin. We mix Mohammed’s and Ralitsa’s ideas and get the main plot. Ebony’s, Stephanie’s, Yusra’s, Zynab’s and Mike’s ideas inspired us in details. The story began to grow into the minutiae.



After writing the script we started looking for brilliant actors, appropriate locations and made a timetable. Each team member had a special role. I was a camera person. It was a great experience for me. We had shooting every day during the week at different locations like restaurant, house, library, park and bus station.


Our last step was editing. The leader of editing was Ebony and we helped her with interesting ideas. Ralitsa made a sound editing, and when we put all together we got our movie!


I learned how to work as a team and to how to be patient if something goes wrong. Thank you, guys, it was awesome!


2 thoughts on “The first project

  1. I was so pleased your final film was a success and you were brave enough to go for the split screen! I also like your blog entries, they are a good length, not too short not too long and great to have photos too. Keep it up!


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