The birth of Taylor India Johnson

12208781_940839722662132_2604288559961670964_nOn our first meeting on 3 of November we shared items from collections. I had a postcards from different countries where I was. Especially, from Art Museums in this countries.

Abbey had a collection of mental issues. Misal collects hats. Mohammed had money from different countries. Alex had the climbing chalk bag. Farai had a Vogue Magazine 2011, Sociology book and the book about fame and pop culture.

This all turned in our character Taylor India Johnson. She is 19 years old attractive girl from West London. Taylor keen on fashion and celebrities. Indeed, she tries to become popular in Social Media. She travel a lot and draws, but all this she does for getting more and more likes and followers. She still does not understand, that she lose her personality. She sinks into a depression.


We were inspired by the real person. Essena O’Neill has quite a similar story.

We also created her Instagram account
Please, follow and like ; 3


One thought on “The birth of Taylor India Johnson

  1. Wow!! I love that you already started posting about your new project. It is interesting to see where other groups have gotten with their work. I enjoy the fact that you used pictures and a video, it makes the post so much more interesting and it definitely grasps your attention better. Keep up the good job 🙂


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