Finally done!


On our final meeting we decided to present our character like private detectives investigated her missing. We were inspired by “Scandal” series. Everyone has a special archetypal role. For instance, mine is a hacker. I always can find needed information at the right moment.

On my opinion, we made a great job! Taking into account past experience, we avoided the silly mistakes. We had a very close-knit teamwork, where everyone had a special task. No one sits with one’s arms folded during a production process. We all was creating our character and generating ideas. I was making the portfolio, writing a script for the blog, filming and taking pictures from our group meeting. Abbey was filming, upload pictures on character Instagram account and making fake tickets. Farai was working with our actress, edit audio record. Misal was editing and at critical moments offered the right solution. Also, she made fake receives. Alex was acting, editing vlog and CCTV videos and made a fake police report. Mohammed was filming, making documentation and taking a photo, too.

I just can’t wait for our presentation!



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