The idea for a low budget, independent feature film

Many of us were 20 years old, someone is right now at this age. This is the wonderful time of freedom, big dreams and true feelings.


My story is about 20 years old young boy. Alexander lives a normal teenager life. He study philology, has a girlfriend and some close university friends. The protagonist doesn’t really care about the future and enjoy the present. Alexander is surrounded by people with the same point of view. His hippy girlfriend is creative and a little bit wild. Alexander’s friends are always positive, drunk and optimistic looking into the future.
On his birthday, Alexander was really drunk and had a car accident.
His heart was stopped for a couple of minutes and then began to beat again. Alex’s life have not changed much before his 30. The thing is, he hasn’t aged a bit. Everyone get older, but not him. His girlfriend broke up with Alex and found an old wealthy man. His friends deep in domestic problems. Only he is still 20. It would seem, everyone dreams about it. However, this gift turns in terrible suffering to Alex. He couldn’t just aging, but also to grow mentally. At his forty he realized that he can’t be eternally carefree 20 years boy. The next day he noticed the first wrinkles on his face.




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