The Fanfiction Project

After creating the group and creating our crew name we chose the best script to pitch and film. Gibbon’s scenario has impressed all the members of the group. Without further debate, we decided to work with it. The story was based on the novel “Alice in Wonderland”, but unlike the original tale, our story has happened in the dark wonderland of schizophrenia and stoned mind. The protagonist meets extraordinary creatures that helped him find Alice. He still doesn’t understand that slowly goes mad.


On our first meeting we split the roles and I became the art director. I was responsible for creating decorations, costumes, props and make up. Gibbon was assisting because he has the skills and special vision how should the characters look like. Also, I volunteered to do the portfolio, inasmuch as I have an experience in this.


The director and the screenwriter explained all the details of the script and we discuss how we can shoot it. We decided where we can make our production camp and where we will film each scene. Also, we discussed what equipment, decorations and costumes we will need. At the end of the meeting we have compiled a schedule of filming and everyone had a personal homework before filming starts.



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