The Blog Task 1

The One Show is a lovely BBC Television entertaining and educational magazine programme for the whole family. Every evening at weekdays it as live spotlight topical stories and studio guests. The show presented by Alex Jones, Matt Baker and the team of top reporters.


The 30 min TV show is a hard work for the production team. For the success of the show, individuals should work together and to make its contribution to the production. The shooting assistant producer Matt Wenham shares his experience at The One Show: “I shot and directed topical VTs, often on a very short turnaround. I also set up and worked on a number of live OBs (outside broadcasts) which made up part of the hour long Wednesday shows. My role was very varied and included coming up with story ideas, setting up shoots, finding contributors, carrying out risk assessments, scripting, filming on location, edit producing and assistant floor managing. You have to be very flexible on The One Show, everybody mucks in. That’s what makes it a great team”. I can only imagine how it’s hard to run live TV Show every evening, especially, with topical reportages. Each VT must be created in the real fast pace because no one are interested in the event that was a month ago. In The One Show team everyone is important. For example, runners take care about props, green room, film team, tapes and studio.


Also, the work must be synchronised during the live recording. Production team must bring sound, cameras, script to perfection. The gallery script supervisors duty is to ensure that programmes run to schedule. Digital technician cares about good digital management across a production, particularly emphasising the importance of backing up files and deleting unnecessary material.


This show would not become so popular without this strong and big team. All news and episodes must be updated on The One Show website. The website is really easy to use for everyone. There viewers can find the old episodes, articles about past and coming events, cooperative organisations and charities, information about the team. Also, anyone has opportunity to share the personal story and become a protagonist of topical reportage.


To summarize, I would like to note that this show would not become so popular without this strong and big team. For this show can be only one logline: “The One Show – for everyONE”!




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