The Blog Task 2

In the wide selection of TV-show my choice fell on two completely different magazines. The legendary TV-show that loves hundreds of millions of people is Top Gear. In contrast to this manly motoring telly show, I chose Loose Women. These two completely opposite media content can by analysed from various perspectives.

Firstly, the thematic of the TV shows is completely different. The subject of Top Gear is automobiles and technologies. Loose Women discuss popular topics hitting the newspapers and the media sources. For this reason, the audience of these TV shows is different. The lunchtime TV show Loose Women was made for ladies and is in the air at the time convenient for housewives. Top gear chose men for the main audience, therefore, TV show goes at evening, when men come back home after work.

Secondly, for Top Gear presenters, as expected, was chosen men and for Loose Women – women. Jeremy Clarkson, Jason Dawe, Richard Hammond, James May remained unchanged representatives of the Top Gear TV magazine. They have knowledge of automobiles and special skills like masterly driving. With each series, they have gained the trust and respect of viewers. Interesting that 65% of Top Gear fans refuse to watch the TV Show without Jeremy Clarkson.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 03.16.55

The list of Loose Women presenters is long. However, it’s not that bad, because viewers can get bored of the old presenter of TV magazine. The fresh face on TV cause public excitement, brings something new, in addition, the presenter of Loose Women do not have to be a professional in something, because the TV show is not focused on the specific topic. Сonversely, the fact that they are ordinary women affinity between presenter and viewers.


Thirdly, the program look of Top Gear combines studio talking and outdoor activity. The studio looks modern. It has metallic constructions, leather couches, yellow&black racing flags and bright lights. All this remind the parts of the car and, of course, they have real cars in the studio. The graphic is sharp and dynamic. For example, the logo of TV show looks modern and letters angle slightly to the right that creates the effect of the moving object. Same I can say about the theme tune “Jessica” by The Allman Brothers Band. It has beats and electro guitar that made it brutal and epic.


The TV studio of “Loose Women” made of soft and light colors. The furniture has round lines and corners that makes it cosy and elegant. I would like to emphasize that ladies always are dressed with taste. The theme tone has woman vocal and pop rhythms that create feel of easiness. The graphic was made using typical “female” colors, for example, in TVshow logo for 2016 year with nice red color highlighted word “women” that attract target audience.


Also, in Top Gear TV magazine is attractive for men because it is running shows and racing. The show has exclusive news, car tests and interviews. In one word, Top Gear is not only entertainment show but educational as well. ”Loose Women” show throw limelight on news, interview celebrity guests, sometimes with musical performance. Usually, the discuss topics that foremost interested in women. For example, in the program for 4th of May Sherrie discussed loneliness, and how it can affect women of all ages.


To sum up, I really like both TV magazines because of individuality of the contents. I think, Top Gear has really strong production crew and a huge budget, so show progress with each series. I want to give the advice for Loose Women producers to make reportages outside the studio, for example, from some fashion events. With this they could attract more audience.



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