The Blog Task 3

                                                                         Question 1
Relatively new TV show at British television The Voice that was realised in 2012 and based on the concept The Voice of Holland. The season consists of four stages: the blind auditions, the battle, the knockouts, and the live shows. It would seem, that The Voice is a regular talent show. However, it has competed with ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor. The Voice UK has gained the big audience already.


On my opinion, this TV show has bright future because of the original concept and established connection with the public. Also, this TV program gives a chance to young musician became famous and even receives £100,000 and a record deal with the Universal Republic. The musician future career is at stake. For this reason, the audience participates in the show life to support the favorite artist. They can vote online for the musician, leave comments on project’s Facebook page and Tweet about the performance or judges decisions. This TV Show format is extraordinary and unique. Therefore, people love to watch this show from season to season.

                                                                         Question 2

Everyone in Britain who has TV at home should pay the license fee. But what are people paying for? For example, BBC license fee is “£12.13 per month or just under 40p per day”. However, this money The BBC uses to pay for its TV, radio and online services, plus other costs such as fees, contracts, honoraria, and salaries. For example, ticket to the cinema cost about £10, but no one asks why he must to pay for it. The same situation is with TV license. I think this cost is equitable because instead of one movie person can get the varied TV programme for a whole month.bbcIf BBC annuls the monthly payment for the TV license, the company lose lion’s share of income. First and foremost, the quality of contents will be affected. The audience will lose the interest to the ordinary looking TV shows without stars.


From the other side, the BBC channels will be available for everyone and the numbers of viewers increase that will defiantly make a profit. However, will grow a number of product placements and commercial, too.


On my opinion, as future media specialist that the BBC should take payment for its content. It will be stable income for the company and fair cost for the product that it provides.

                                                                         Question 3

According to the statistics, about 87% of TV viewers use other gadgets while watching TV. As it turned out, most of them use devices for unrelated to TV shows activity. At first sight, it’s looks like a huge problem, but the media producers can use it to attract the audience.


Media producers uses social media like Facebook and Tweeter to attract young audience and up date the latest news about program. In response to this, the viewers leave their feedback about the TV shows. For example, according to the Nielsen data The Voice gets 393 tweets just for one day last week from 5/02/16 to 5/08/16. Second place gets Fox’s hit Empire with 199 tweets per one day at the same week. This is a great PR for the TV show and does not matter is it good or bad feedback. Inasmuch as any rumors about the TV program attract the people attention that up the ratings subsequently.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 13.51.03

Many popular TV shows has the Facebook page, where posts the news about the program and presenters. They engage the audience, receive feedback, promote the project or in other words the TV show is in the public eye.

Taking a step forward, The Media Production Companies creates the apps for customers that helps watching TV content whenever and wherever. Using laptop, tablet or even a smartphone ABC, HBO, HGTV, or Netflix now are available at any time.


The production team of BET Awards found an interesting way how to use the second screen: “ created a second screen experience that featured live companion streaming video from six behind-the-scenes cameras, as well as the real-time Twitter backchannel” (Proulx, Shepatin 2012).

The iTV company realised the app in June 2010 called GetGlue, where the user can checking in, receive points and earn virtual stickers and discounts for entertainment companies. This app was created as a huge media library, where everyone can share the interests between friends. This is good opportunity to promote the TV show, for example, On February 27, 2011 over 38,000 people checked in watching True Blood Season 4 on HBO and earned a sticker.


To summarize, the second screen if used creatively can become a great promotion resource fo TV producers.


Proulx, M., and Shepatin, S. (2012) How Marketers Can Reach and Engage Audiences by Connecting Television to the Web, Social Media, and Mobile. Hoboken, US: Wiley



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