Funky Fridays!!


                                                                         Week 1

On our first session I was really exited about the new project and met new students with I wasn’t work before. Some of them already had ideas that came true after in our project. The first plan was to make The Ghost Hunters Parody show, but as it turned out we couldn’t fit it the module tasks. So, we changed the concept on the 80’s style parody show, that was achievable and extraordinary. We brainstormed some ideas for the tv show plan.


                                                                             Week 2

Finally we found a compromise solution and come with the group name. We created the TV show website and updated it with pictures and graphics. Now we are “Funky Fridays” and have a plan! It’s time to act!



The next step was to define the roles and responsibilities. My duty was find actors, costumes, film VT1, work with the singer and actors, of course, sound mixer. So many things to do!

12443333_1072381236138430_428619612_o (1)

                                                                               Week 3

The intensive preparations begins! I found the really good actress to play fake 80’s celebrity. She will be interviewed by our presenter. After a short scripted interview, she will lip-synching (instead of singing) her new song.

I help Abbey with the interview script:

Maria and me went to the costume department to find the outfit in 80’s style for our presenters and actress. And we successfully found the pink tutu skirt, velvet snake skin vest for the lady and wonderful retro costumes for the presenters.


According to the Katy’s script, the VT1 idea is make little bit crazy and absurd hairspray commercial in 80’s style. The Jim Carry stand up video fully describe the mood of it.

The commercial should looks vintage, that was challenging. Maria done the perfect directing work with the actress and Thomas helped with the sound. I done camera, lighting and editing for the video. For the the retro VHS effect I applied blur and noise filters. And this is what we got in the end:

                                                                          Week 4

Practice!! We found the singer for the performance part. I spent few hour with edirol, mic, headphones and Nashrene to practised “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use the Studio for practice, so we done in other way!

Also, I practiced with Fran and our presenters the interview part. She is a brilliant actress!

                                                                               Week 5

Bad news! The actress, who must play Skarla Swallows, skipped the project in last minute! In rush we decided to use Linda PouPou from the hairspray commercial as TV show celebrity. We rewrote the script and Alex learned it in last day before live recording. That was real extreme!

Also, I didn’t like the Source VT that made Joshua because it didn’t match to the script. So, I suggest my idea and everyone vote for it. I used this funny parody ghost video from the internet:

                                                                 The Day X!

On Monday 9th of March we recorded our TV show as life. After the session I had mixed feelings because our last take was ideal … before the singer had a coughing fit while she was singing. This confused everyone and we didn’t finish the record properly. So we chose the previous take, but it wasn’t that good as it could be.

During this project I learned how to work in TV Studio and I really enjoyed it! This experience will help me a lot in the future! Thanks to my team! Well done!


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